Transport Hire

Transport hire from.Jogjakarta  for overland tour long trip  through Java Island to visit tourist destinations  from Jakarta, from Jogjakarta to Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple, or from Surabaya  to Bromo to Ijen and in Bali using all type of mpv, big van and  small bus, medium size bus (depend how many person will be in group) in very reasonable price 

Herewith up date price 2022

 Transport Service  Price in IDR
From Jogjakarta
 Jogjakarta to Airport /Airport to JogjakartaIDR350.000
 Jogjakarta Airport to hotel in BorobudurIDR350.000
 Borobudur Prambanan TourIDR500.000
 Borobudur Sunrise TourIDR400.000
 Borobudur Sunrise and Prambanan TourIDR550.000
 Borobudur One day tourIDR550.000
 Borobudur Merapi and Prambanan TourIDR850.000
 Jogjakarta Timang beach, Pindul, PenggerIDR650.000
 Jogjakarta Jomblang cave, Timang BeachIDR650.000
 Jogjakarta Dieng PlateauIDR650.000
 Jogjakarta Sukuh Cetho templesIDR650.000
 Jogjakarta SemarangIDR650.000
 Jogjakarta JeparaIDR950.000
 Jogjakarta Bromo Surabaya (2 days)IDR2.600.000
 Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Crater Bali (3 days)IDR3.250.000
 Jakarta to  Bali Overland Tour (daily price)IDR850.000
 From Surabaya
Surabaya Bromo Surabaya (2 days)IDR1.300.000
 Surabaya Bromo Ijen Surabaya (3 days)IDR1.950.000
 Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali  (3 days)IDR2.900.000
1. Driver fee1. Tolls Tickets
2. Gasoline2. Parking fees
3. Meals and accommodation3. Ferry boat fees to Bali

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